Mobile Device Management

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

    Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary personal communications and computing platform for business. However, they introduce cost, risk, and usability challenges that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address. MobileIron’s approach is to simplify the problem for IT, finance, and end-users by moving smartphone data to the enterprise cloud.

    The  MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform  the first solution to combine data-driven mobile device management with real-time wireless cost control.

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  • Enterprise Mobility

    MobileIron's enterprise mobility management solution offers cross-platform management capabilities for IT and a brand-new web experience for the enterprise end-user. With a large portion of business communication migrating to mobile calls and text messaging,  IT teams need to understand what's on a smartphone and how it's being used, while mobile employees need full visibility into mobile activity and the capability to reduce cost and improve their mobile experience.

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  • Mobile Device Security

    MobileIron’s mobile device security solution provides enterprises with visibility into what’s on a smartphone and how it's being used, letting both IT and users better secure data and control costs without compromising privacy, even on employee-owned phones.
    MobileIron's  smartphone management platform  is packaged as an easy-to-install physical or virtual appliance that plugs into your corporate network and is up and running in less than a day

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  • MobileIron Atlas

    MobileIron Atlas is an advanced management and reporting console that provides highly scalable administration, reporting, monitoring, and troubleshooting across the Mobile IT lifecycle. Atlas collects information on device and application metrics and status, identifies issues, and provides actionable insights that enable an administrator to assess critical information and apply corrective steps. Atlas is a part of the MobileIron Advanced Management product.

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  • BYOD: Bring-Your-Own-Device

    Many organizations are considering personally-owned mobile devices for business apps. Their goal is to drive employee satisfaction and productivity through the use of new technologies, while simultaneously reducing mobile expenses.
    This bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is one of the more dramatic results of the consumerization of IT, in which consumer preference, not corporate initiative, drives the adoption of technologies in the enterprise. However, many of these technologies were not built with enterprise requirements in mind, so IT teams often feel uncomfortable about security and supportability.

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