Mobile Device Management

MobileIron Atlas

MobileIron Atlas is an advanced management and reporting console that provides highly scalable administration, reporting, monitoring, and troubleshooting across the Mobile IT lifecycle. Atlas collects information on device and application metrics and status, identifies issues, and provides actionable insights that enable an administrator to assess critical information and apply corrective steps. Atlas is a part of the MobileIron Advanced Management product.

Global 2000 companies use Atlas for multi-tier management so certain administrators can be assigned responsibility for specific user groups, most commonly by country, region, or business unit. Note that this business requirement is sometimes inaccurately labeled multi-tenancy. Multi-tier management includes the ability to:

  • Define roles, e.g., two levels of helpdesk support
  • Define visibility, e.g., one administrator manages German devices while another administrator manages Japanese devices
  • Assign actions, e.g., senior helpdesk staff can wipe devices but junior helpdesk staff cannot
  • Manage distribution, e.g. central admin can distribute all apps but local admin can only distribute a subset

In additional to multi-tier administration, MobileIron Atlas also includes:

  • Extensive reporting with insight into app and device inventory and policy compliance
  • Systems monitoring of MobileIron VSP server health
  • Central management of up to five VSP servers of 100,000 devices each for a total of 500,000 devices