The Appthority Trust Scores are tailored to fit every individual customer, taking input from their existing policies for bring your own device (BYOD, BOYA, mobile first), mobile app management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM).

During analysis the Appthority system runs over 3,000 app behaviors profiling rules on the findings. Based on the result of each rule-test, each app is given its unique Appthority Trust Score, which is a roll-up of subcategory scores (such as app privacy and app security) based on app behavior findings.

The Appthority Trust Score is a measure of the total risk of an app. The score might be as low as 0 to denote a malware app and ranges up to 100 for an app with no measurable risk. The Trust Score is comprised of a summary of all of the risky app behavior found in each app. 

Examples of risky app behavior might be, does the app?:

– Access/share the corporate address book?
–  Access/share the corporate calendar?
– Track the location of key executives?
– Share data with 3rd parties?
– Share data without encryption
– Have malware?

After analyzing nearly two million apps for our enterprise customers Appthority learned what app behaviors are acceptable for each app type or category, and leveraged that database to develop a proprietary app reputation system.

Pictured below is an example of an Appthority app report 

with the Trust Score prominently displayed.

app behaviors