Wandera’s Mobile Data Gateway is a scalable cloud offering that sits in the path of mobile data in between employee devices and the Internet.  All devices are enrolled effortlessly by deploying a simple setting to smartphones and tablets to ensure mobile data is redirected via Wandera’s Mobile Data Gateway.

By being in the path of the data, the Mobile Data Gateway offers granular visibility, powerful mobile data controls, as well as detects and blocks threats in real time, all while ensuring end users experience no latency while using their mobile data.

An over the top service, Wandera’s Mobile Data Gateway is built on a proven architecture model and addresses corporate owned and BYOD enterprise mobility strategies.

Wandera Mobile Data Gateway

Wandera offers three unique services that are built on top of the Data Gateway. Wandera View provides unique visibility into data usage through advanced analytics. Wandera Extend delivers substantial data savings through data compression and content controls through a real-time policy engine. Wandera Secure correlates data on the device with the data seen via the Gateway to detect threats as they occur, then block these threats and facilitate remediation.