Multi-OS Management Overview

BlackBerry Management

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Advanced BlackBerry Smartphone Management

With the MobileIron platform, Mobile IT teams can confidently incorporate BlackBerry devices, including those running Blackberry 10, into their mobile environments using the same central management and policy tools they use for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices.

MobileIron provides a single management solution, designed for integrated support of all major mobile devices and operating systems. Mobile IT professionals can manage enterprise Blackberry devices from the same console that is used to manage other mobile devices and operating systems.

Enterprises can support BlackBerry 10 devices in their multi-OS deployments using the MobileIron platform to:

  • Track inventory of BlackBerry 10 devices, both corporate and personally owned
  • Secure email traffic with MobileIron Sentry, MobileIron’s intelligent gateway
  • Secure email data by enforcing encryption and password policies
  • Wipe corporate email

MobileIron is a member of the BlackBerry Alliance Program and committed to helping businesses get the most value from their current and future BlackBerry deployments.