Multi-OS Management Overview

iOS Management

iPhone® and iPad® Management for the Enterprise

Users love the iPhone and iPad experience and want that same experience at work. IT departments must now provision, secure, and manage corporate and employee-owned iOS devices as they do other platforms.

MobileIron enables companies to deploy iPhones and iPads at scale by bridging the gap between the security IT needs and the experience end-users demand.  TheEnterprise App Storefront from MobileIron also facilitates the internal development and distribution of iOS applications.  Businesses who distribute any iOS app internally can enroll in the iOS Developer Enterprise program.  To help businesses get started, Apple has published this MDM primer on its web site. To find, buy, and distribute the apps your business needs, MobileIron recommends participation in the App Store Volume Purchase Program.  The program also makes it easy to purchase custom B2B apps built by third-party developers to meet the unique needs of your business. 

The MobileIron platform is available as either a cloud service or an easy-to-install server that plugs into your corporate network and is up and running in less than a day, plus a MobileIron iOS application that is available for download on the App Store.  Click here to listen to a PodCast on managing iOS devices.

Download our iOS Management Product Datasheet. Watch the newest MobileIron iOS videos or iOS Management Video Walkthrough. Or complete an iOS web form for a free demo.


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iOS Management Datasheet

Manage at Scale

Secure Apps

Control Cost

  • Provision at scale
  • Know what's out there
  • Configure and secure silently
  • Block compromised devices
  • Track installed apps
  • Distribute in-house apps
  • Recommend App Store apps
  • Control unapproved apps
  • Monitor international roaming
  • Generate alerts
  • Measure connection quality and speed

Below is a list of IT Management and End-User (MyPhone@Work) features for the MobileIron iPhone solution.


Broad Platform Support

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • iOS Versions 4, 5, and 6
  • Multi-OS web interface (iOS, BlackBerry, etc.)

Device Management

  • Inventory & asset management
  • Settings (VPN, Wi-Fi, Exchange, POP/IMAP, SCEP, APN, CalDAV, CardDAV, subscribed calendar, Web Clips)
  • Role-based access

Selective Wipe

  • Enterprise email/PIM
  • Enterprise app profiles
  • Enterprise configs (Wi-Fi, VPN, certificates)


  • Remote device lock and wipe
  • Password and encryption policy
  • Lockdown (camera, app install, Safari, YouTube, iTunes, content)
  • Silent enforcement in the background
  • Mandated use of Data Protection

Access Control (Sentry)

  • ActiveSync connection monitor
  • Allow/Block actions by hardware type, OS version, or policy compliance

Certificate Management

  • Auto-enrollment & renewal
  • Certificate distribution for Exchange, Wi-Fi, and VPN
  • Corporate certificate authority protection

App Management

  • Inventory of installed apps
  • Secure distribution, update, and revocation of in-house apps
  • Access control for distributed in-house apps
  • Recommended App Store apps
  • Ensure users run only permitted apps
  • Mandated presence of mission-critical apps

International Roaming Monitor

  • Alert when roaming starts
  • User and country analysis



  • Enrollment of new devices
  • Provisioning of user-specific configuration profiles (e.g., VPN, Wi-Fi)

App Discovery

  • In-house apps with direct download
  • Recommended apps with App Store download

Mobile Activity Intelligence

  • International roaming alerts
  • Speed test for cellular and Wi-Fi