Multi-OS Management Overview

Android Management

Advanced Security and Management for Android Devices

THE CHALLENGE: Users love the Android experience and want that same experience at work. IT departments must now provision, secure, and manage corporate and employee-owned Android devices as they do other platforms.

THE SOLUTION: MobileIron enables companies to deploy Android devices at scale by bridging the gap between the security IT needs and the experience end users demand. The MobileIron platform includes a server that is up and running in your corporate network in less than a day, plus a MobileIron Android app that is available for download on the Android Market.

MobileIron supports enterprise-ready Samsung. In the United States, this is part of Samsung's SAFE program. As part of this program, the MobileIron Android solution has integrated an additional set of advanced security and application capabilities above and beyond those supported by the base Android operating system.

In addition, MobileIron has partnered with NitroDesk to provide remote configuration and security for NitroDesk’s TouchDown™ app on Android smartphones and tablets.  TouchDown™ is the most secure ActiveSync-based enterprise email, contacts, calendar, and tasks solution, now manageable through the leading mobile management solution.  You can find the TouchDown apps on Google Play here.

To learn more about MobileIron's complete Android solution, download the Android Management datasheet.


Device Management

  • Inventory & asset management
  • Role-based access
  • Multi-OS console web interface

Selective Wipe

  • Selective wipe of email/PIM*

Access Control (MobileIron Sentry)

  • ActiveSync connection monitor
  • Allow/Block actions by OS version or policy compliance 


  • Password policy
  • Encryption policy
  • Silent enforcement in the background
  • Remote device lock, unlock, and wipe
  • Root detection
  • Lost device location
  • DLP, roaming, USB, tethering, and cloud restrictions

Certificate Management

  • Auto-enrollment & renewal*
  • Certificate distribution for Exchange*

App Management

  • Secure distribution and update of in-house apps
  • Access control for distributed in-house apps
  • Inventory of installed apps
  • Recommended Google Play apps
  • Rogue app protection
  • Mandated presence of mission-critical apps

International Roaming Monitor

  • Alert when roaming starts
  • User and country analysis



  • Enrollment of new devices
  • Locate lost devices

App Discovery

  • In-house apps with direct download 
  • Recommended apps with Google Play download

Mobile Activity Intelligence

  • International roaming alerts

* Using NitroDesk's TouchDown for MobileIron

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