Mobile Content Management


Content is the lifeblood of the enterprise. When end users choose mobile as their preferred computing platform, they immediately need iPhone and iPad access to the documents that are essential for their work. In most large organizations, two of the main repositories of documents are enterprise email, with attachments, and Microsoft SharePoint.

The challenge for the Mobile IT team is to provide a great mobile user experience without sacrificing document security. MobileIron® Docs@Work gives the end user an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and SharePoint and lets the administrator establish data loss prevention controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution. Employees can now take full advantage of the iPhone and iPad for secure enterprise content and collaboration.

MobileIron Docs@Work creates a secure content hub on the iPhone or iPad for the end user to access and manage corporate documents:

  • View documents
  • Store documents securely on the device
  • Protect data-at-rest with iOS Data Protection
  • Selectively wipe documents when the user or device falls out of compliance
  • Block clipboard (cut/copy/paste) access to enterprise content
  • Control whether third-party apps can access stored documents
  • Utilize policies, users, roles, groups, and permissions already set in MobileIron

Docs@Work support for Android is planned for a future release, as is the ability to provide policy-based controls for other trusted apps on the device to individually access secured documents.

Email Attachment Security 
Apple's native email app is the end user's preferred email experience on iOS. Historically, the high risk of email attachments being opened and then distributed to third-party doc and collaboration services has inhibited mass adoption of iOS by some regulated organizations. MobileIron Docs@Work, together with the MobileIron Sentry intelligent gateway, is the first solution in the industry to secure email attachments for iOS without requiring a third-party email solution:

  • Scan email traffic for attachments
  • Filter attachments if necessary
  • Protect attachments so only MobileIron Docs@Work can open them
  • Block "open in" access to attachments in the native iOS email experience

SharePoint Access 
SharePoint is the most common content repository and collaboration suite across MobileIron customers. MobileIron Docs@Work gives mobile users access to SharePoint content and gives administrators the ability to establish appropriate mobile policies for SharePoint.

For users:

  • Connect securely to SharePoint from a mobile device
  • Navigate SharePoint shares
  • View remote files and folders
  • Download content to the mobile device

For administrators:

  • Centrally provision SharePoint access
  • Pre-populate user names and directory paths for secure provisioning