September 06, 2010

MobileIron's iPad Sentry Extends IT Smartphone Management

Smartphones are streaming into the enterprise, coming in the front door and, with far more frequency than IT is aware, flooding in the back door, as well. Businesses need to protect their most important and exposed corporate asset: email.

But, how can the Enterprise IT team contain this massive mobile surge and its security impact in the enterprise? The Enterprise needs to get the right information, in the right hands, at the right time – on a flexible and mobile platform: the iPad. The iPad simply revolutionizes the way IT works, just as the iPhone fundamentally changed the way business users communicate at work.

MobileIron Sentry seamlessly uses the iPad to provide IT with visibility and control to protect the enterprise perimeter. With a simple, elegant interface designed from the ground up to make full use of the iPad’s large screen to inventory users & devices with a multi-touch interface, IT now stands ready with the MobileIron Sentry guarding your enterprise more efficiently and effectively.