The Company

EXTEND (privately owned) established in January 2010, has built its reputation in business & sales acceleration for leading international niche IT technologies into the Israeli market and at the same time, taking local Israeli based IT companies into new customer accounts in & outside the local Israeli marketplace.

International Niche IT Vendors :

EXTEND has based its operation on its successful experience in IT business development & also strategic enterprise account/channel/vendor management in Israel for over 20 years.

In many cases the complexities of the local market has prevented many leading international IT companies from achieving optimal business targets within expected time period & very often fall far short of real success in achieving the all important return of investment (ROI) as speculated in the business plans.

These complexities include the unusually high level technological demands from IT decision makers, cultural differences between the parties, political & security instability in the country & region, high sensitivity to licensing pricing models & support services….

EXTEND aspires to maximize & apply its experience by applying unique focus on the selected IT solution by the thorough study /evaluation of the technology, the competition & the market trends. The resulting factors assist in building the optimal model for attaining the correct formula for maximum exposure, sales success & the subsequent acceleration of the business in the competitive IT market.

The recommended business model will be negotiated based on the results of the evaluation. Models may include one of or a combination of the following: agency, distributorship, value-added resellers, integration, direct sales, technology/business cooperation (with complementary solutions), global OEM agreements, acquisition & merger etc…..

EXTEND will then take the vendor to the next phase the all important implementation of the selected business model with the objective of successfully achieving the defined goals.

Israeli-based Technology Companies:

Israel is internationally renowned for its high density of new innovatory technologies in all arenas in the industry.

However in many cases these talented companies have failed to achieve their business goals & sales targets primarily due to the lack of business plan methodology & execution together with lack of marketing/sales skills, polish & experience in multiple target markets.

EXTEND aspires to offer their skills in business & sales development support functions to enable the accelera tion  of company goals & improve time to market of their innovatory products achieving both success & growth.