May 01, 2010

BigFix DSS-SAM Licensed Seat Count Reaches 1 Million

Fastest Selling New Product in BigFix History—Market Demand and Real-World Benefits Drive Record-Setting Adoption Rate

Emeryville, Calif.— April 14, 2010

News Facts

  • BigFix reports that it sold over 1,000,000 seat licenses for its Decision Support System Software Asset Management (DSS SAM) product during the 10 months following the product’s release.
  • Introduced in January 2009, DSS SAM has become the fastest selling new BigFix product in company history.
  • DSS SAM customers represent all of BigFix’s top global vertical markets, with purchases from healthcare, educational, financial services, retail, government, and other sectors.

Real-World Benefits Drive Rapid Adoption

  • Customers report two main benefits from DSS SAM—simplifying and lowering the cost of software asset tracking, auditing, and management; and enabling lower software licensing costs through discovery of over-licensing and stronger negotiating positions versus software vendors.
  • The product achieves these benefits by leveraging the real-time visibility and control properties of the BigFix Unified Management platform combined with analytics tools focused on software inventory management.
  • This creates a near real-time view of application software inventories, installations, usage patterns, and other information that help DSS SAM customers cut software costs and get more from the money that they do spend.
  • DSS SAM also supports enterprise IT security programs by identifying old, previous version software, unpatched/un-updated applications, non-approved or user-installed software, and rogue applications in general.

Background and Context

  • The addition of DSS SAM to the BigFix product line demonstrates the flexibility and extensibility of the BigFix Unified Management Platform.
  • The Platform’s single agent, single infrastructure enabled BigFix to develop DSS SAM as set of policies running on the BigFix agents installed on desktop, server, and mobile endpoint computers that forward configuration information from each computer to an analytics engine running on the BigFix server.
  • End users can see and manage a growing list of security and system management functions via the BigFix Platform including asset inventory, security policy management, vulnerability management, endpoint security, security configuration management, patch management, power management—and now&mdas